HARC-Net Preamble (Conventional Net)

HARC Net Preamble (DOC)HARC Net Preamble (PDF)HARC Net Roster (XLSX)


Welcome to the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club’s HARC-Net.  This Net meets every Thursday evening at 1900 hours local time on the HARC repeater which is 145.470, Minus offset, and a PL tone of 103.5.

This is (First name)  (Callsign), and I will be the Net Control Station for tonight’s Net.

  • Is there any Emergency Traffic for the Net?
  • If there is any emergency traffic, please break in with your callsign and we will help in any way possible.
  • The purpose of HARC-Net is to test the HARC repeater as well as the Member’s stations for time of need, and provide training in the handling of various types Amateur Radio traffic.
  • The Net Control duties will rotate thru the membership.  Each operator can put his or her own twist on their net.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS –   (Broadcast known announcements)
  • Are there any further announcements?
  • We’ll now have ROLL CALL of Member stations.  If you are a member of HARC, you should     be on this list.  If you are a member and were not called, please make the NCS aware of it so            you can be added to the list.
  • (Take roll from the member list.)
  • Any late or missed stations??
  • Any Visiting Stations wishing to check in?
  • FINAL CALL – Late, missed, or visitors?
  • Members are invited to stick around after the net for Tech-Talk, Elmering, or Rag Chewin.
  • Thanks very much for being here.  We’ll see you next week on the HARC-Net!
  • I’ll now return the frequency back to regular amateur use.

73 from ________________________________