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HARC has recently purchased a new Emergency Communications trailer. We bought an empty cargo trailer and are converting it for use at Community Events and to assist local, county, state, and federal agencies.

Locally, HARC provides communications for events such as the Redwood Marathons, Tour of the Unknown Coast, Trucker's Parade, and the Kinetic Grand Championship. Some of these events are in areas where normal radio reception is challenging and cell phone service is unreliable. We are more than happy to assist the organizers of these events to help keep the participants as safe as possible.

In an emergency, this equipment could be used to assist with communications between shelters, hospitals, and logistical centers, and to help citizens let their families know they are okay. In the event that our internet infrastructure is interrupted or destroyed, we could even use digital radios to send and receive important or emergency email over the air to stations hundreds of miles away - outside the area affected by disaster.

The trailer's primary power source will be deep cycle batteries charged by solar panels. That means it won't be dependent on fossil fuel to operate. HARC also has a back-up AC system to be used in conjunction with a gas generator.

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