Family “SK” Equipment Donation

Ham Equipment Assistance For Deceased Amateur Operator Families


The board of Humboldt Amateur Radio Club has proclaimed that we (HARC) WILL accept radios and radio related equipment from families of deceased ham radio operators. Many families have contacted us over the years for help on a case by case basis. We understand how difficult it is for non-amateur families to deal with this equipment. Several of our members have volunteered to spearhead our response team.

We are all volunteers, and therefore are typically unable to react immediately. However, once contacted by a family, we will respond as soon as we receive a request to ensure you know we are in process to aid you. This typically happens in less than 24 hours. We request a week before we will be able to remove this equipment. With larger equipment like antennas, antennas masts, and towers, we may need additional time to gather the manpower for this equipment. HARC may also send one of our members to evaluate equipment to help us understand how many people will be required for this effort.

HARC will appropriately liquidate amateur radio gear to licensed amateurs. Any proceeds gained from any equipment will go to supporting our radio activities throughout Humboldt county. HARC will not sell equipment for estates.

Please use our contact form to send us notification.  Include your name, your email contact & telephone number, and the name of the ham & call sign who passed. If you can roughly estimate the amount of equipment, please include that information. You can also email this information to

On behalf of all the members of Humboldt Amateur Radio Club, we offer our condolences to you and your family of the passing of your loved one.