Online Remote Testing

Guide to Online Remote Testing:

1) Navigate to and choose the top line menu listing: Licensing Education & Training.

2) Scan down and choose Find an Exam Session.

3) There you will see the section: Exam Candidates. You will need to obtain an FRN if you don’t already have one. Follow those instructions.

4) Scan down and find ONLINE EXAMS and click on

5) Read everything on the new page called Find an Online Amateur Radio License Exam. On that page you will see a  List of ARRL VE Teams Offering Exams. Listings are from VE Teams all over the country. Many are not in our time zone and some, when you choose their listing, will tell you all sessions are filled. You can still explore a few and read their requirements for the test sessions. Some are more helpful or compete than others. This is an incomplete list.

6) Scroll to the bottom of the page and the last paragraph will direct you to additional examination sites. Click on

7) Now you are at HAMSTUDY. Scan down and spot the time zone, date and time, available exam slots, and fees of many additional exam sessions.

8) Take the time to read the Computer and Environment Requirements and decide if remote testing is for you. If you would like to give it a try, choose a site you like and get registered.

9) Be sure to take practice exams and consistently score 85% or better before you sign up.

10) Good luck with your efforts