HAMQSL Realtime Solar-Terrestrial Weather Data


Sample Radio Dashboardw
SAMPLE Radio Dashboard

NOAA is the central place that all weather and atmospheric information gets funneled, so their Space Weather Prediction Dashboard Website is one of the best for viewing the best, most recent images of the sun, solar ejections, and the current predictions for Radio blackouts, Solar Radiation, and Geomagnetic storms. 

The Radio Dashboard will be of interest to many looking for the current effects on your radio communications. 

Many digital modes automatically report your radio’s spots by default to PSK Reporter. The PSK Reporter Statics Page has several graphs of the raw number or reports, per band, over the last 7 days. This is a great source for seeing if other people notice a band open.

Of course, PSK Reporter Map is extremely valuable when testing your own digital transmissions. You can put in your own callsign and see all the radios that auto-reported your CQ.

This movie shows a spherical map of the Sun as it currently appears, formed from a combination of the latest STEREO-A beacon images combined with a SDO/AIA. The movie starts with the view of the Sun as seen from Earth, with the 0 degree meridian line in the middle. The map then rotates through 360 degrees to show the part of the Sun not visible from Earth.


Current Sunspot Activity

Learn More About Solar Weather

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