Digital Voice

Humboldt County FM Digital Voice Band Plan Proposal

Analog FMAX.25144.390SimplexAPRSAutomatic Packet Reporting System
C4FMFusion144.690SimplexCallingGM, DN, and VW
Analog FMAX.25145.050SimplexPacket, BBS1200 Baud | WA6NBG@W6ZZK-1
C4FMFusion438.750SimplexCallingGM, DN, and VW

This is was compiled from the following list of all local known frequencies in use.  Please advice if you have any corrections, additions, or comments.

Our goal is to have a digital repeater installed by spring of 2019.

Humboldt CO Frequency Listing

Humboldt CO Frequency Listing Humboldt CO Frequency Listing


The new digital protocols being used are 2m and 70cm are not just call "Digital". Digital refers to wide range of protocols used to transmit data across the whole spectrum. You should refer to them as "Digital Voice"  or by one of their protocol name:
Fusion | YSF, DMR, and D-Star.

Here is a brief description of the protocols and definitions of terms.  Down the road who know which of these three will come out on time and become the new standard.  Locally we have started using Yaesu's system because their portable, mobile, HT equipment is very popular out here in the hills.

Main New Digital Voice Protocols for VHF / UHF

Fusion YeasuYSF (Yaesu System Fusion) - [Description]
DMRKenWood(Digital mobile radio) - [Description]
D-StarICom(Digital Smart Technologies) - [Description]

Terminology / Definitions

DVDigital Voice
DNDigital Voice Narrow / Digital Data Narrow (YSF)
VWDigital Voice Wide. No Data (YSF)

This section is still under development...  Stay Tuned.