FCC Amateur Radio License Exams


In-person FCC amateur radio license exams are again being offered locally in Eureka and Fortuna, with the location alternating monthly between the two cities.

For current information about scheduled exams, check the ARRL web site.  Enter the zip code for either Fortuna or Eureka for the latest exam listings.

In-Person Exams in Fortuna, CA (95547)
Held in Fortuna on even-numbed months.
Upcoming Exam Sessions:
   08/21/2021   10/16/2021
Time: 10:00 AM (No Walk-ins / Register or Call ahead)
Contact: Daniel R. Martin, Volunteer Examiner
Phone: (707) 768-9147
Email: Dan.AG6JW@gmail.com
Fortuna Volunteer Fire Dept
320 S Fortuna Blvd
Fortuna CA 95547

In-Person Exams in Eureka, CA (95501)
Held in Eureka on odd-numbed months on the third Saturday of the month.
Upcoming Exam Sessions:
07\17/2021,   09/18/2021       Usually no exam in November
Time:    10:00 AM   (No Walk-ins / Register or Call ahead)
Contact: Daniel R. Eaton KB6DE/VE, Volunteer Examiner
Phone: (707) 834-7397
Email: dre3neato@gmail.com
Location: Contact Daniel Eaton/VE for location information

Online Remote Examination Option
For those who cannot attend an in-person exam session, remote online exams are still being offered.
See instructions on our Online Remote Testing page.