What is an amateur radio net?

An amateur radio net, or simply ham net, is an “on-the-air” gathering of amateur radio operators. Most nets convene on a regular schedule and specific frequency, and are organized for a particular purpose, such as relaying messages, discussing a common topic of interest, in severe weather, emergencies, or simply as a regular gathering of friends for conversation

The Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Net

This Net meets every Wednesday evening at 1900 hours on the HARC repeater. You can access the HARC repeater, which is physically located in the Muni in Eureka, by turning to 145.470 with a -600 offset and a 103.5 tone. Check your radio’s manual to set that up.

The purpose of HARC Net is to test the HARC repeater as well as the Member’s stations for time of need, provide training in the handling of various types Amateur Radio traffic, and to aid new Net Control Stations to gain experience as NCS operators. If you are a licensed operator, please feel free to drop in on our net!

North Coast Nets

Day TimeNetFrequenceNotes
Sunday08:00North Coast emergency net3.855 MHzLSB
Monday18:30Humboldt County HF Emergency net3.955 MHz LSB (NCS: K6FWT)
Monday18:45 - 19:45Humboldt HF Digital Emergency net3.581 MHzUSB MFSK32 (KE6SLS)
Monday18:55Eureka Emergency Digital Bulletin146.46 MHzFM MT63-2KL (WA6NBG)
Monday19:00Eureka Emergency net146.460 MHzEureka Simplex
Monday19:00Arcata Emergency net146.430 MHzArcata Simplex
Monday19:00Eel River Emergency Net147.090 MHzRARC, +600 KHz, PL 103.5
Monday19:00Southern Humboldt Emergency net146.790 MHz-600 PL 103.5
Monday19:00 - 19:45Humboldt APRS net144.390 MHzMsg KE6SLS
Monday19:00 - 19:45Humboldt 220 net223.500 MHzSimplex
Monday19:15Eureka & North UHF Emergency net444.400 MHz+5 MHz PL103.5
Monday19:30Humboldt County Emergency netFWRA RepeatersRepeaters Page - Late / Missed
Monday20:00California State net3.992 MHzLSB
Tuesday19:30ORCA Digital net3.581 MHz+1500 MFSK-32
Tuesday19:30Sonoma / Mendocino net3.915 MHzLSB
Tuesday20:00YL Net (Jefferson Radio)147.180 MHzSimplex
Wednesday10:00California State OES net7.230 MHzLSB
Wednesday19:00HARC net145.470 MHz-600 KHz PL103.5
Wednesday19:30FWRA net146.760 MHzRepeaters Page
Wednesday00:00-23:59HUMCO Winlink NetVariesContact KN6CEI for info
Thursday19:30Humboldt Bay Fire CERT NetFWRA Repeaters2nd and 4th Thursdays
Thursday19:30Eel River Rag Chew Net147.090 MHz+600 KHz PL103.5
Friday20:00SHARC Rag Chew146.790 MHz-600 KHz PL103.5
Daily11:00CARS Net7248 KHzLSB
Daily12:00Noon Time Net7283.5 KHz / 3970 KHzLSB
Daily12:00Jefferson Noon Time Net7204 KHzLSB