Eureka HF Preamble

Eureka ARES Net Preamble


This is  (name), (callsign), Net Control for tonight’s Humboldt  ARES  HF Net.

This net meets every Monday night at 1945 hours (7.45pm) local time on 3.955  Lower Side band.

This net is called every week to improve Operator skill and verify operator equipment in case of any emergency that my arise.  Everyone is encouraged to volunteer to be Net Control operator in the future.

  • Is there any emergency or priority traffic for the net?
  • Any announcements for the net?
  • If you need to break in with emergency traffic, a relay, information or a question feel free to break in with your callsign.
  • Are there any mobile stations wishing to check in?
  • Any stations operating on emergency or alternative power?
  • Here is the list as I have it…..(call the roster)
  • Any late or missed stations?
  • Any visitors?
  • Repeat announcements, info.
  • Last call for late, missed or visiting stations.
  • Hearing none, this is (name), (callsign) closing Humboldt ARES Monday night HF Net and releasing this frequency to regular Amateur use. Thank you for your time and participation! 73

Remember to keep these total numbers for relay to DEC the following Monday over the FWRA link!