HARC Net Preamble

HARC-Net Preamble (Conventional Net)


Welcome to the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club’s HARC-Net.  This Net meets every Wednesday evening at 1900 hours local time on the HARC repeater which is 145.470, Minus offset, and a PL tone of 103.5.

This is (First name)  (Callsign), and I will be the Net Control Station for tonight’s Net.

Is there any Emergency Traffic for the Net?

If there is any emergency traffic, please break in with your callsign and we will help in any way possible.

The purpose of HARC-Net is to test the HARC repeater as well as the Member’s stations for time of need, and provide training in the handling of various types Amateur Radio traffic.

The Net Control duties will rotate thru the membership.  Each operator can put his or her own twist on their net.

ANNOUNCEMENTS –   (Broadcast known announcements)

Are there any further announcements?


We’ll now have ROLL CALL of Member stations.  If you are a member of HARC, you should     be on this list.  If you are a member and were not called, please make the NCS aware of it so            you can be added to the list.

(Take roll from the member list.)

Any late or missed stations??

Any Visiting Stations wishing to check in?

FINAL CALL – Late, missed, or visitors?


Members are invited to stick around after the net for Tech-Talk, Elmering, or Rag Chewin.

Thanks very much for being here.  We’ll see you next week on the HARC-Net!

I’ll now return the frequency back to regular amateur use.

73 from ________________________________