In “normal” times, HARC members have access to at least a couple of local ham radio swap meets each year.  These are great opportunities to clean your shack of unneeded clutter, and to find deals on stuff you may need. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these swap meets are more problematic due to the need for social distancing, etc.

To help fill this void, HARC is providing this on-line “Virtual Swap Meet” for its members.

Ham-related items you wish to sell can be listed here until they are sold.  To avoid unwanted solicitations, spam, etc., only the seller’s name and call sign will be posted.  Presumably, HARC members can figure out how to contact each other.

If you have Ham gear that you would like to sell, please contact David, KN6CEH, with the specifics to have it listed here.  Private sales only--No commercial listings will be posted.  Thanks.


Bob Morris/NG6E (SK) gear is for sale. It is the wish of Bob's family that proceeds go to the Western Country Cousins, of which he was a big part for many decades. This list of gear is being published on the Western Country Cousins' (W6CCN) website and locally on the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club's site: https://www.w6ccn.us/ & https://www.humboldt-arc.org/

For more information, or to purchase an item, Contact Jaye/KE6SLS at ke6sls@arrl.net or catch him on 3970Khz

1.Astron RS-20 12vdc power supply.Switch has been replaced$25
2.Daiwa CN-520 2000w SWR BridgeExcellent condition. $30
3.Heathkit IM-2410 frequency counter.With original manual.$75
4.Heathkit LG-102 signal generator.Excellent condition.$25
5.Heathkit SB-200 HF amplifier & Heathkit SA-2040 matchbox.Both with original manuals & 6 new 527 power tubes. Also includes cables for older Kenwood radios.$400
6.Heathkit SB-600 matching speaker. Excellent condition, with original manuals. $75
7.Heathkit VFA-7401-1 DC power supply,With manual.$25
8.Radioshack HTX-212 VHF FM transceiver. $50
9.Kenwood PS-430 DC matching power supply.DC cable for TS-120/130/430/440/570 etc. $75
10.Kenwood SM-220 station monitor.Excellent condition.$100
11.Kenwood SP-430 matching loud speaker. Excellent condition.$50
12.Kenwood TS-130 HF transceiver. Fair condition. The manual SEND/REC toggle switch is loose. Found the unit ocilates on 10M if RF gain is at 100%, but stops once gain is reduced. Sends and receives well and is 100 watts on all bands-80 meters through 10 meters.$100
13.Kenwood TS-430 HF transceiver.Good condition. This rig has all the WARC bands included. Tested on all bands from 160M through 10 meters, with 100 watts output. It's a work horse of a radio. No manual. $250
14.Kenwood VB-2530 VHF 25 watt amplifier. Good condition.$25
15.MFJ-941D matchbox with SWR meter. Good condition.$50
16.Timewave ANC-4 RF noise canceler.Excellent condition.$75
17.Am-Com Digital Clearspeech DSP loud speaker, 12vdc.Excellent condition.$50
18.Kenwood MC-50 deck microphone with 4 pin connector. Excellent condition. $50
19.Kenwood MC-80 deck microphone with UP/DOWN function & 8 pin connector. Good condition. $50