9April2021 Bulletin

COVID-19 Status:

Humboldt County Cases 3,621/38 Deaths
Del Norte County Cases 1,288/7 Deaths
Trinity County Cases 398/5 Deaths
Mendocino County Cases 3987/47 Deaths 4/16/21

Get a pen and paper ready to copy coordinate traffic. The HARC workshop
this month will be given outdoors, IN PERSON by Anthony, KG6LHW, on
April 20 at 1900hrs. The subject will be "An orientationion on the
newly fitted HARC Comm Trailer." The coordinates are.....40.80887,
-124.16007. This location will be announced at 1845 on April 20 on the
HARC/Muni repeater if you're unable to decipher the lat/long.

EC-001 class starts this Wednesday at 1900L. Zoom link was emailed
today on the reflector.

Wednesday Winlink Net is picking up speed. Ask KG6LHW for info on how
to join the roster. kg6lhw@arrl.net

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Key Holders:Trailer Keys - KG6LHW - KK6SYJ - KK6MPV
Clubhouse Keys - KG6LHW - KK6SYJ - W6IES
Comms Trailer at KG6LHW
Club equipment: WA6NBG & KB6DE

Bulletins at: https:www.humboldt-arc.org/catagory/bulletin-board or packet 145.050 at ke6sls-1.

Send any bulletins or announcements for the Eureka Emergency VHF Net by 1630L via Packet to WA6NBG-1 145.05 MHz or email to wa6nbg@yahoo.com.

This ends the digital bulletin for April 19th.

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