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From Don WA6NBG

Bulletins and Annoucements for June 8th, 2020

WA6NBG is testing on 28.080MHz Monday afternoons for the transfer of information that would be in the Monday Bulletin. The Fldigi suite of software is being utilized as such: MFSK32 centered at 1500 on the radio frequency of 28.080MHz USB. The Fldigi ARQ package is set to beacon every two minutes. This allows the users to sync the frequencies via the waterfall. Compose, connect to WA6NBG, and send traffic. This is all an effort to improve the digital capabilities of Amateur Radio in our community. This is still in testing and experimental stage and may not always be operation on Mondays. Packet on 145.050MHz is still availabe at WA6NBG-1 24/7.

Anthony KG6LHW and Ben KK6SYJ will be be discussing this year's Field Day, June 27-28, Wednesday nights at 1900L on the HARC Net in June. This Wednesday will discuss how new and/or technician class members can participate in Field Day. FAQ's and stratigy will also be adderessed.

June Workshop on June 11th will be an intro to N3JFP Logging Software, presented by Kevin, KK6MPT via Zoom at 1900L. Invites will arrive via HARC email reflector.

Advisory: Several members have had DX Engineering orders delayed b/c of Civil Unrest. Suggest using a closer retailer, Air Delivery and do it soon!

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Key Holders:

Trailer Keys - KG6LHW - KK6SYJ - KK6MPV
Clubhouse Keys - KG6LHW - KK6SYJ - W6IES

Comms Trailer at KG6LHW

Club equipment: WA6NBG: Multi-band vertical and misc. hardware at Murray Field hanger. KB6DE: Tower Guys for adjustments. Mast Clamps and Ground Tackle for temporary safe keeping.

This and following digital bulletins will be available online at: https:www.humboldt-arc.org/catagory/bulletin-board.

Send any bulletins or announcements for the Eureka Emergency VHF Net by 1630L via Packet to WA6NBG-1 145.05 MHz or email to wa6nbg@yahoo.com.

This ends the digital bulletin for June 8th.

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