Fire updates
SHF South Fork Complex 3,929 acres 85% Containment
SRF Smith River Complex 86,347 acres 21% Containment
Flat Fire (Curry Co, OR) 34,242 acres 75% Containment!
Hwy 199 expect Delays Up to One Hour

Technician License Class Began September 11. This class is offered via Zoom. Contact Don at or at 707-834-0042.

Tour of the Unknown Coast on Saturday, September 16. Need lots of volunteers to properly staff the event. Communicators need mobile radios with good antennas and/or HTs with good antennas. Contact Don at or at 707-834-0042. Organizers typically make substantial contribution to HARC.

License Exam Session: Sep 16 2023, 10:00 AM, in Fortuna CA. Contact Dan AG6JW or 707-768-9147.

Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Net at log in for calendar details.

HAM luncheon every Thursday at the Village Pantry restaurant in Eureka from 11:30-1PM. Join us for lunch.

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Key Holders:
Trailer Keys - KG6LHW - KK6SYJ - KK6MPV
Club equipment stowage: WA6NBG & KB6DE

Bulletins at:

YOU can keep upcoming events, news, or informational meetings a SECRET and avoid all those hams joining in. [OR] You can send any news, events, or information for this weekly bulletin to Jaye at or packet ke6sls-1 on 145.050.

This ends the digital bulletin for September 11th.

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