Solstice -24

Redwood ARC will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, 28NOV2023 at the Fortuna fire station, 320 So. Fortuna Blvd, at 7pm.

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2023, Friday 1DEC2023-16:00PT Saturday, 2Dec2023 at NWS Woodley Island. Contact Don ke6hec 707-834-0042.

Humboldt A.R.C. general meeting is next Tuesday, 5DEC2023 at 3030 L street, in Eureka at 7pm.

Trucker's Parade, Saturday, December 9. Volunteer communicators needed. Contact Gene k6pcs if you are able to help.

Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Net at log in for calendar details.

HAM luncheon every Thursday at the Village Pantry restaurant in Eureka from 11:30-1PM. Join us for lunch.

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Key Holders:
Trailer Keys - KG6LHW - KK6SYJ - KK6MPV
Club equipment stowage: WA6NBG & KB6DE

Bulletins at:

YOU can keep upcoming events, news, or informational meetings a SECRET and avoid all those hams joining in. [OR] You can send any news, events, or information for this weekly bulletin to Jaye at or packet ke6sls-1 on 145.050.

This ends the digital bulletin for November 27th.


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