HARC 2020 Socially Distant Field Day Bulletin 


Ben and Anthony put some time into creating a united front for HARC’s effort in Field Day.  Because of the pandemic, the ARRL is allowing club members the chance to work separately and then combine their scores.  Here is some info so we’re all on the same sheet of music.  At the end is a questionnaire and punch list so that we can acknowledge members efforts and accomplishments.  Prizes will be awarded to ALL who complete the steps.

Time line

0800 Pre Event Net on FW.  Final Questions and or changes will be addressed.
1100: Event Starts
1306-1315ish: First local area calling period (freqs and mode suggestions listed below)
1500: Zoom meeting hosted by Howard Lang.  Invites will be sent via the HARC email reflector.
1606-1615ish: Second local area calling period
1906-1915ish: Third local area calling period
2200: Night Owl Net on Far West

0706-0715: Forth local area calling period
1006-1015ish: Fifth and final local area calling period
1100: Event ends
1900: Post Event Net on FW.  Accolades and boasting.

FM, Phone & CW and MT63 2KL, 432.1, 223.4, 146.460, 50.02.

USB, Phone & CW, 28.303, 21.280, 14.270.  Digital mode MFSK32 USB, 28.120, 21.070.  14.109

LSB, Phone & CW 7.270, 3.955, 1.850.   Digital Mode MFSK32 USB 7.035, 3.582, 1.807

Technician Class Privileges!

Please keep in mind that these times and freqs. and modes are suggestions where a lot of us will be lingering.  Try any time of the day, any freq, any mode.  Please monitor Far West and the Quad 4(KE6SLS) for any updates or news. However, contacts on repeaters do not count for points.

Satellite QSO’s.

For 100 Bonus Points, the group can make x1 FM QSO.  We have 3 members signed up to attempt to do that.  Matt will have the first time slot, 11-19, Ben 19-03, Anthony 03-11.  If you want to listen in, look into the downlink freqs and local pass times of the following birds. SO-50, AO-91, AO-92.  Get info at AMSAT.ORG.  We’ll also be trying to work the digital and linear birds which we can work an unlimited number of times.

ARRL Bulletin Bonus Points: 100 Points. (Rule 7.3.9)

All license classes can receive the ARRL Bulletin.

ARLX009 2020 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule

Day                 Mode               Pacific    Mountain     Central            Eastern            UTC

FRIDAY         CW                  5:00 PM    6:00 PM    7:00 PM          8:00 PM          0000 (Sat)

Digital             6:00 PM    7:00 PM    8:00 PM          9:00 PM          0100

Phone              6:45 PM    7:45 PM    8:45 PM          9:45 PM          0145

CW                  8:00 PM    9:00 PM    10:00 PM        11:00 PM        0300

SATURDAY CW                   7:00 AM    8:00 AM    9:00 AM        10:00 AM        1400

Phone              8:00 AM    9:00 AM  10:00 AM        11:00 AM        1500

CW                  5:00 PM     6:00 PM    7:00 PM         8:00 PM          0000 (Sun)

Digital             6:00 PM    7:00 PM     8:00 PM         9:00 PM          0100

Phone              6:45 PM    7:45 PM     8:45 PM         9:45 PM          0145

SUNDAY       CW                  7:00 AM    8:00 AM    9:00 AM        10:00 AM        1400

Phone             8:00 AM    9:00 AM   10:00 AM        11:00 AM       1500

Digital             9:00 AM  10:00 AM  11:00 AM         12:00 PM       1600

W1AW will operate on its regularly published frequencies.

CW frequencies are 1.8025, 3.5815, 7.0475, 14.0475, 18.0975, 21.0675, 28.0675, 50.350, and 147.555 MHz.

Digital frequencies are 3.5975, 7.095, 14.095, 18.1025, 21.095, 28.095, 50.350, and 147.555 MHz.

Phone frequencies are 1.855, 3.990, 7.290, 14.290, 18.160, 21.390, 28.590, 50.350, and 147.555 MHz.

During Field Day weekend, W1AW will transmit the Field Day bulletin using 45.45-baud Baudot, PSK31 in BPSK mode and MFSK16 in this order.

Also note that because of the National Park Service national park shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, K6KPH, the Maritime Radio Historical Society amateur station in California, will not transmit any Field Day bulleting transmissions for west coast listeners over  the June 27 and 28 weekend.  MHRS Transmitter Supervisor Steve Hawes, WB6UZX, said personnel will not be allowed to enter park facilities at least until July 1.

In addition, on Friday local, June 26, 2020, the digital version of the Field Day bulletin sent at 9 PM EDT (0100 UTC) will be transmitted using BPSK31, Baudot, and MFSK16 in this order.

The regular digital mode lineup of Baudot, BPSK31, and MFSK16 will be used during Field Day weekend.

Any additional transmissions or changes in the schedule will be posted on the web at, http://www.arrl.org/Field-Day .

Email Don C. with any questions: ke6hec@sbcglobal.net

 Message Passing Bonus Points: up to 100 points. (Rule 7.3.6)

Check the video below for a quick intro:  I suggest you print out the forms ahead of time so they are handy when someone wants you to copy down a message!!!


Email Ed, with any questions: kd7nu@arrl.net

Mobile Bonus Points! : 100 Points (Rule 7.3.12)

Greg Waters, KJ6OUI, is the Program Coordinator at the Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services.  He has graciously made himself available to come to your operating site (in PPE, of course) and be your “visit by a Served Agency Official.”

To make arrangements, contact Greg at gregwaters@gmail.com

Post Event

After the event, use the following link to guide you through the ARRL log submission process.  This year only we can combine our scores.  In the appropriate cell use “Humboldt Amateur Radio Club” not the callsign which I am purposely not listing here.


Your results for the ARRL must be sent in by Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

Additional info:

A vast amount of helpful information can be found at the official Field Day website.  http://field-day.arrl.org/


For recognition, praise and prizes please fill out the form and do the following.  Doing so will also show Ben and Anthony you appreciate the time they put into organizing the event.

What is your Name?

What is your Callsign?

What is your mailing address?

How many bands and modes (phone, CW, digital) did you work? Ex. 2m phone, digital, 6m phone = 3

How many QSO’s/contacts did you make?

What was the further station you contacted?  City, State or City, Country

How many of the 85 possible sections did you contact?

How many total points did you make?

How many Bonus Points did you make?

What is the approximate height of your tallest temporary antenna?

How many never before bands and modes did you work during field day? What were they?

How many new states did you work?

How many new countries did you work?

What was the lat/long of your station?  Degree Decimal format.  Ex 40.9,-124.0

What is your 6 digit Grid Square code?  Ex. CN70xu

Please send a picture of your operating station, antennas or family watching you operate to our club Historian Kevin.  Kk6mpt@gmail.com

Snail Mail or Email your completed form to Ben or Anthony depending on the first letter of your suffix.  A-M goes to Anthony.  N-Z goes to Ben.  Example WA6NBG’s form goes to Ben.

Anthony Wiese, PO Box 491, Blue Lake, CA 95525 or anthonywiese@yahoo.com

Ben Adams, 2547 Donna Dr., Eureka, CA 95503 or timidfreerider@gmail.com

Please send these by July 12, 2020.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please bring them up on the HARC Net. 6/24

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